About Kooi


The Stunning Kooi Pure Foam Family is a High-Performance-Mattress Range that will forever change the way you sleep. This state of the art range represents the epitome of comfort, tranquillity and renewal. At Kooi, we strive to revolutionise the way you sleep and how you view a mattress. We also like to have fun – which explains our unique packaging. Only three beds in range – makes it easy for you to choose a bed.

The Kooi Pure Foam range is a contemporary mattress range; its slick design will compliment your bedroom. Three colours distinquish the beds and their comfort levels. Firstly, red for the Firm mattress. This model provides spinal alignment for back sleepers. Secondly, neon yellow is our Medium Mattress, which caters for all sleeping styles. Lastly, light blue identifies the Plush, a soft mattress for side and back sleepers who require tension relief.

Kooi Beds are manufactured according to European Standards. Furthermore, we expose the foam mattresses to strenuous compression testing during the manufacturing process. The end result is a quality, reliable and a comfortable pure foam bed. Aditionally, our foam mattresses are calcium filler free. Calcium fillers decline over time, resulting in a mattress plagued by sagging and body impressions. Due to Pure Foam, Kooi mattresses will never encounter the same problems.

The High Performance Bed

Kooi Beds are a preferred sleep solution to many high-performing individuals and athletes all over the world.

The esteemed ex Springbok captain, Jannie Breedt is at the forefront of our design and manufacturing team. This fact alone places further emphasis on our athlete-driven ethic.

Kooi Beds are a proud sponsors of multuple recognisable South African athletes.

We believe in empowering the best high-performance athletes with the sleep and comfort they deserve.

Regardless of who you are, our beds will work tirelessly to ensure a happy, healthy and productive lifestyle.